I, Mr. C. J. Luus, hereby confirm, that I tested the botanical herb, Sceletium Tortuosum, on several patients. These patients had symptoms such as depression, stress, anxiety, poor self-esteem, emotional stress due to the death of a family member and more. After treatment, good results were found with a minimum of 200mg as recommended dose.

The following results were found through feedback from patients who have used Sceletium Tortuosum:

– Works as a natural anti-depressant
– Good peace of mind
– Reduces anxiety, stress and tension
– Increase energy levels
– Increase concentration
– Increase Libido
– Emotional state improves
– Balanced eating
– Increased immunity
– Suppress tendencies to addiction
– Stabilize sleep

Mnr. CJ Luus B. Sc Pharm.
Jan Kemp Pharmacy