About Us

Phytogreen CC operates from the farm Skrik van Rondom, in the Sandveld area, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The farm is situated on the edge of the Verlorenvlei Valley, nestled between the mountains of Piketberg and the west coast town of Elandsbay.

Why Herbal Healing?

In the history of all human-illness, -healing and -health have always gone hand-in-hand with those of herbs and herbal remedies. For most of human existence we as a species have explored found the healing properties of herbs as our solution to maintaining and treating pains, wounds and illness.

Nowadays herbs are mainly used to flavor our food but the comeback of the herb as a natural medicinal cure for poor health has gain increasing momentum throughout the developed world.

As with the “go green” movements across the world, more and more people have become aware of the extraordinary value of plants, trees, roots, flowers, fruit, vegetables, leaves and all the other parts in between.

What Is Phytogreen?

All plants contain complex structures and mixes of phyto-nutrients, phyto-chemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Phytogreen is a combination of Phyto, taken form the Greek word for plant, phuton; and the Green (the universal color associated with plants) as a testament of our dedication to formulate, grow, buy, produce and sell 100% natural herbal products. Phytogreen aims to make the best herbal supplements from the best quality plant material available. After long days of research and recommendations from pharmacists and herbal practitioners we have formulated and produced 70 herbal products. The range consists of 32 herbal capsules or tablets, 12 herbal tinctures, 1 herbal food supplement, 21 herbal teas and 4 herbal gels.

How It All Started

The farmers in the district have focused mainly on the areas of potato and Rooibos cultivation. The farmer of Skrik van Rondom decided about 4 years ago to start farming Hoodia Gordonii along with potatoes and Rooibos. This branched out into the cultivation of Sceletium and currently includes Sutherlandia. The herbs, Buchu and Wild Olive found in our products, are grown nearby in the same area as the farm Skrik van Rondom.

The first products developed and packed under supervision of the farmer was some of the teas in the Goudkop Rooibos tea range. This Goudkop Rooibos tea range started expanding fast in 2007 and now includes 13 Rooibos Herbal teas with another 8 Medicinal Herbal teas currently in the pipeline. Soon followed the range of Herbal Capsules and Herbal Tablets, and a range of Herbal Tinctures and Herbal Gels.