Good afternoon

So far I have experienced:

Firstly: Sceletium Tortuosum: Several of my patients have used or still use it to treat depression and the results so far are excellent.

Some children with the hyperactive syndrome and loss of concentration greatly improved, by also using Sceletium.

Secondly: Suntherlandia frutescens: On the 6th of May 2009 I was diagnosed with a rectum carcinoma. Seen the tumour was situated very low in the rectum, the only option was to surgically remove it, with result…. a definitive stoma!

(Stoma: A stoma is a surgical bypass of a natural conduit, a kind of “short circuit”. It is practiced when the natural channel can no longer fulfil its role, as a result of trauma, disease or an ablation. In the most common, faeces or urine are collected in a pocket or bag. )

To prepare for an operation, with the intention of a smaller tumour and to ease the operation, I went for local radiotherapy (from 2nd of July till 7th July, 2009) combined with chemotherapy. The moment I was diagnosed with rectum carcinoma, I started immediately to take the Sutherlandia frutescens, 3 capsules 3 times daily.

On August the 20th, 2009 I went for a check-up and good results were found. It was decided I would have a sphincter-saving operation without a stoma.

Meanwhile I kept taking Sutherlandia, besides some other medication.

On October the 22nd, 2009 I went in for another check-up, with result: Complete remission, so no further operation was needed. Given the severity of the disease, I of course keep on taking Sutherlandia every day.

Best regards,

Doctor G.P.