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I, Mr. C. J. Luus, hereby confirm, that I tested the botanical herb, Sceletium Tortuosum, on several patients. These patients had symptoms such as depression, stress, anxiety, poor self-esteem, emotional stress due to the death of a family member and more. After treatment, good results were found with a minimum of 200mg as recommended dose.

The following results were found through feedback from patients who have used Sceletium Tortuosum:

- Works as a natural anti-depressant
- Good peace of mind
- Reduces anxiety, stress and tension
- Increase energy levels
- Increase concentration
- Increase Libido
- Emotional state improves
- Balanced eating
- Increased immunity
- Suppress tendencies to addiction
- Stabilize sleep


Mnr. CJ Luus B. Sc Pharm.
Jan Kemp Pharmacy
PO Box 16


Good afternoon

So far I have experienced:

Firstly: Sceletium Tortuosum: Several of my patients have used or still use it to treat depression and the results so far are excellent.

Some children with the hyperactive syndrome and loss of concentration greatly improved, by also using Sceletium.

Secondly: Suntherlandia frutescens: On the 6th of May 2009 I was diagnosed with a rectum carcinoma. Seen the tumour was situated very low in the rectum, the only option was to surgically remove it, with resultÖ. a definitive stoma!

(Stoma: A stoma is a surgical bypass of a natural conduit, a kind of "short circuit". It is practiced when the natural channel can no longer fulfil its role, as a result of trauma, disease or an ablation. In the most common, faeces or urine are collected in a pocket or bag. )

To prepare for an operation, with the intention of a smaller tumour and to ease the operation, I went for local radiotherapy (from 2nd of July till 7th July, 2009) combined with chemotherapy. The moment I was diagnosed with rectum carcinoma, I started immediately to take the Sutherlandia frutescens, 3 capsules 3 times daily.

On August the 20th, 2009 I went for a check-up and good results were found. It was decided I would have a sphincter-saving operation without a stoma.

Meanwhile I kept taking Sutherlandia, besides some other medication.

On October the 22nd, 2009 I went in for another check-up, with result: Complete remission, so no further operation was needed. Given the severity of the disease, I of course keep on taking Sutherlandia every day.

Best regards,

Doctor G.P.



I'd like to say thank you for all your support and advice about my bleeding and asthma. I have explained to you that after the operation, my bleeding was some days more than before the operation.
I started with the Cayenne pepper 3 x 3 capsules per day. Two days later already I recognize an improvement of the bleeding.
I then increased it to 4 capsules 3 times per day, and the bleeding is gone! My stock is finished, but for 10 days now, the bleeding is completely gone. I am also taking Sutherlandia daily, 2 capsules 3 times per day. I donít even know about my asthma and I donít feel so tired anymore.

It goes very well with my mother also.
I have read your website and got her the Sutherlandia. After 4 months of treatment with Sutherlandia she returned to the doctor, who was surprised to see no sign of emphysema.
She had two big spots on each lung and the doctor had said she would need an oxygen tank to use. She could not rise without having to constantly cough; she was very short of breath and could barely lift her arms. She asked me to say thank you again. She is 70 years old and she feels great. She said she would recommend Sutherlandia to anyone with emphysema.

Again, many thanks for the help. It is sincerely appreciated.

Annelie Barraball


With the use of Sceletium Tortuosum, we have seen an improvement in concentration as well as in the attention deficiency disorder in our daughter. She is currently in Grade 12 and got the sceletium just before the examination. She was calm during the exam and could concentrate better. Her school report improved with about 20%.

As a parent I would certainly recommend sceletium for children who are sensitive and with tension.
I wish the product were 10 years back already on the market.

Thank you very much

Jasper and Marina van Zyl


In 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer in my windpipe (trachea), where it enters the lungs. The doctor said it could not be removed, because there is an aorta close by. I had chemo and then I received radiation.

Mnr. Hennie van Zyl gave me refined Sutherlandia to drink. His recommendation was that I should take one teaspoon per cup with boiling water. I should drink two to three cups per day. It is very bitter, so I put it in the fridge and drank it cold.

After a scan in January 2009, three spots on my lung were found, but I continually drank the Sutherlandia tea. On June 2009, the doctor told me that it is a miracle, because the spots were gone. His words to me were that I should not stop drinking the tea every day.

Elna Smit
January 29, 2010



Goeie middag

Tot dusver het ek ervaar:

Eerstens: Sceletium Tortuosum: Verskeie van my pasiŽnte het dit gebruik of gebruik dit steeds vir depressie en die resultate is uitstekend.

Sommige kinders met die hiperaktiewe sindroom en die verlies van konsentrasie is verbeter, a.g.v. Sceletium.

Tweedens: Sutherlandia Frutescens: 6 Mei 2009 is daar by myself rektum kanker gevind. Dit het ongelukkig laag gelÍ, so die enigste opsie was Ďn operasie met definitiewe stoma.

(Stoma: 'n Stoma is die operering van 'n natuurlike kanaal,' n soort van "kortsluiting". Dit word gedoen wanneer die natuurlike kanaal nie langer sy rol kan vervul nie. Die stoelgang of urine word gewoonlik in 'n sak versamel.)

Om voor te berei vir 'n operasie, met die voorneme van Ďn kleiner gewas, het ek tydens die 5 weke (van 2 Junie tot 7 Julie 2009) plaaslike radioterapie ontvang, gekombineer met chemoterapie. Die oomblik vandat ek gediagnoseer was met rektum kanker, het ek dadelik begin met Sutherlandia Frutescens, 3 kapsules 3 keer per dag.

Op 20 Augustus 2009 het ek weer gegaan vir Ďn ondersoek, goeie resultate is gevind. Die vooruitsigte was nou net 'n operasie van die rektumspier sonder enige stoma.

Intussen gaan ek voort met Sutherlandia, naas die ander medikasie.

Op 22 Oktober 2009 is ek weer vir Ďn ondersoek, met die volgende resultaat as gevolg:
Die kanker gewas is weg, geen operasie was meer nodig nie! Gegewe die erns van die siekte, neem ek elke dag nog die Sutherlandia frutescens.

Beste wense

Dokter G.P.



Ek wil graag baie dankie sÍ vir al jou ondersteuning en advies oor my bloeding en my Asma wat ek gehad het. Ek het aan jou verduidelik dat ek na my operasie party dae meer bloeding gehad het as voor die operasie.
Ek het begin met die Rooipeper kapsules Cayenne 3 x 3 per dag, ek kon die verbetering in die bloeding twee dae later reeds agterkom. Ek het dit toe vermeder na 4 capsules 3 maal per dag, en die bloeding is weg! My voorraad is nou op, maar die bloeding is al vir 10 dae heeltemal weg. Ek drink nou daagliks die kanderbossie (Sutherlandia frutescens), 2 capsules 3 keer per dag, en ek weet nie eers meer van my Asma nie. Ek voel ook nie meer so moeg nie.

Dit gaan ook baie goed met my Ma. Ek het jou webtuiste gelees en vir haar van die Sutherlandia gekry. Sy het na 4 maande se behandeling met Sutherlandia weer na haar longe laat kyk. Daar is, volgens die dokter wat so verbaas is, geen teken van emfiseem nie.
Sy het twee groot kolle op elke long gehad en die dokter het gesÍ sy sal 'n suurstof tenk moet gebruik. Sy kon nie opstaan sonder om die heeltyd te hoes nie, sy was baie kort van asem en kon skaars haar arms oplig.

Sy het gevra dat ek net weer moet sÍ baie dankie. Sy is 70 jaar oud en sy voel wonderlik. Sy sÍ sy sal dit vir enige iemand met emfiseem aan beveel.

Nogmaals baie dankie vir die hulp. Dit word opreg waardeer.

Annelie Barraball


Met die gebruik van Sceletium Tortuosum, het daar 'n verbetering met die konsentrasie, sowel as die aandagafleibaarheid sindroom by ons kind ingetree.
Sy is tans in Graad 12 en het die bogenoemde voor eksamen begin gebruik. Sy was kalmer gedurende die eksamen en kon beter konsentreer. Haar skoolrapport het met minstens 20 % verbeter.

Ek as ouer beveel dit beslis aan vir kinders wat sensitief en gespanne is. Ek wens die produk was al 10 jaar terug op die mark.

Baie dankie

Jasper en Marina van Zyl


Ek was in 2007 gediagnoseer met kanker in my lugpyp, daar waar dit by die longe ingaan. Die dokter het gesÍ dit kon nie verwyder word nie omdat daar 'n hoofslagaar naby is. Ek het chemoterapie en daarna bestraling gekry.

Mnr. Hennie van Zyl het toe vir my fyngemaalde kankerbos (Sutherlandia) gegee om te drink. Sy aanbeveling was dat ek een teelepel daarvan per koppie met kookwater laat trek en twee tot drie koppies per dag moet drink. Omdat dit baie bitter is, sit ek dit in die yskas en drink dit koud. Januarie 2009 is daar na 'n skandering drie kolle op my long gevind, maar ek het nog elke dag die kanderbostee gedrink.
In Junie 2009 het die dokter my meegedeel dat dit 'n wonderwerk is, want die kolle was weg. Sy woorde aan was dat ek nie die tee moet los nie, maar dit elke dag moet gebruik.

Elna Smit

29 Januarie 2010


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